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4 of The Best Ways to Preserve Your Mobility Scooter Battery

Your mobility scooter battery is an important part of your scooter. It powers the motor that drives your mobility scooter. A poor-performing battery can be a major problem if you rely on your mobility scooter daily. You want to make sure you can get the most out of your battery power and prolong the battery life for as long as possible. In this blog, we look at 4 of the best ways that you can preserve the battery of your mobility scooter.

1. Don’t let your battery completely run out

Keeping your mobility scooter battery charged is important, but there are some things you can do to maximize its lifespan. The first step is to avoid letting the battery completely run out, this takes more energy to fully charge up a flat battery and can harm it. Instead, keep topping the battery up as needed. If you use your scooter frequently, try and charge it every 1-2 days. Don’t allow it to get too low before charging again!

2. Maintain the battery’s temperature

The best way to keep your mobility scooter battery running is to make sure it stays in the right temperature range. The optimal temperature range for your mobility scooter is between 0-35 degrees Celsius, so try to store the scooter in some shelter, e.g. a shed or garage. If your battery gets too hot or too cold, it can impact its capacity and range, so it’s important to keep it within this range.

3. Avoid getting the battery wet

If you want to preserve your mobility scooter battery, there are a few things you should avoid doing. Most importantly, make sure that the battery is not exposed to water. Water can seriously damage the battery and make it dangerous to use. If possible, store your scooter in a cool, dry place. Avoid any excessive exposure to water, including cleaning products and even rainwater. If you notice that your scooter’s battery has gotten wet, take it out of service immediately and contact a professional for help with repairs.

4. Disconnect batteries when not in use

One of the most effective ways to prolong the life of your mobility scooter battery is to disconnect it when you are not using it. When batteries are connected, they will continue to draw power even if they are not being used. This can cause them to drain faster than they would otherwise. If you do not plan on using the mobility scooter for an extended period, disconnect the battery before storing it in a cool, dry place.

If you only use your mobility scooter occasionally or for short periods during the day, it is best practice to disconnect your batteries. You should also check your batteries monthly for signs of charge loss or damage.

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