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Can I Travel Abroad with a Mobility Scooter?

There are a few reasons why someone may need a mobility scooter, including reduced movement due to a disability or ageing. Either way, a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair can give someone back their independence and let them travel around freely.

When it comes to travelling abroad, however, there can still be some difficulties around this. Some transportation could be difficult to use, so read on to find out more about which transport you can take a mobility scooter on and how to make sure everything goes smoothly when you do.


All airlines will have different rules regarding mobility access and transporting your vehicle. However, as long as you advise them in advance and provide the relevant information, they should be able to help you. Make sure to check this before booking your ticket though!

When you get in touch with the airline, you will need to make sure that they are aware of the model, weight and size of your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. This is for safety reasons. It could help to take the operating manual to help the airline, as well as advise them of any way that your wheelchair could be collapsible. Make sure to let them know how to assemble and disassemble it so as to help the whole process run as smoothly as possible.


When you need to use the railway, the operators are obligated to provide you with all information regarding your journey as soon as possible. They should do their best to make sure you are aware of any information that may be relevant before as well as during the journey.

They should also have accessible buildings and no physical obstacles so that you are able to move freely. Again, the best way to ensure that your journey goes smoothly is to get in touch with the train line before you book your tickets and inform them of your mobility needs to make sure they can accommodate this.


If you want to travel by sea, you should find this relatively easy. Laws in Europe state that those with reduced mobility should be allowed the opportunity to use passenger services in the same way as anybody else. This means you should be able to travel by sea, although it is still advisable to let any organizer or company know in advance to make sure there is space available for your vehicle and that they are prepared to accommodate this.

What mobility scooter is right for you?

Once you have your travel arrangements sorted, your next big decision is to work out which mobility scooter is right for you. From a portable motorized scooter to a lightweight folding wheelchair, there are plenty of electric wheelchairs for sale.

Here at ComfyGo Mobility, we are dedicated to providing a comfortable and reliable experience for you and offer a wide range of long-lasting mobility fold-up scooters, light folding wheelchairs, smaller wheelchairs and more. Make sure to get in touch with any questions and get searching for your perfect mobility aid today!

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