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Europe’s Most Accessible Cities

For a lot of people, a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair is the difference between being able to travel freely or being reliant on others to help them move around. Whether it’s due to disability or age, having access to mobility assistance when you need it is essential for many.

In some countries, these machines are available for use by nearly anyone who struggles with movement. In the UK, the only thing you may have to do is register your vehicle with the DVLA; however, when it comes to mobility access in other countries, you may struggle a bit more.

A compare the market survey (https://thiis.co.uk/europes-most-and-least-accessible-capital-cities-ranked-for-disabled-travellers/) has studied Europe’s capital cities to find which is best for those with mobility issues. If you are planning to get away but need to accommodate your mobility needs, read on to find out some of the most accessible cities in Europe for those with mobility issues.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Reported as the most accessible city in Europe, Luxembourg offers a high level of mobility-friendly places to stay, as well as things to do and see. They also have one of the most usable and accessible airports, making the journey enjoyable from beginning to end for those with special mobility needs. Their airport even won the Access City award due to this.

Luxembourg has also played a big part in helping to bring awareness to extra mobility needs for the past years. They have even created the term ‘specific needs’ in order to change the way that people think about those who have additional requirements and frame this in a way that doesn’t make it a negative thing.

Public transport is also a positive experience for those with mobility difficulties, having been completely adapted to accommodate those with mobility needs.

Berlin, Germany

Another city that scores highly on the accessibility chart is Berlin. There, around a third of all attractions are wheelchair accessible, making it the European capital city with the highest percentage of accessible attractions. Berlin also boasts an accessible airport and has won Access City awards in the past too.

Stockholm, Sweden

While Stockholm offers lower levels of accessible accommodations and attractions, it does boast accessible airports. It’s also won an Access City award and runs continuous campaigns to support those with mobility difficulties in the city.

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