Test in Store

Do you want to test the product before you buy it? You are always welcome to visit our store for a product test. It is completely free with no obligation.

Wheelchairs and scooters are very diverse. Weight, width, battery specifications, materials, and ease of use vary by model and brand. The product you buy should fit your body size and make you comfortable. Therefore, it is a good idea to test the product before buying. It is also a good opportunity to discuss any other adaptations or alterations you may need.

In line with our motto "Comfygo makes life easier", we offer you a free test service at our store.

One of our experienced consultants will prepare the products for you, explain their features, answer your questions and accompany you on the test drive. There is no pressure or obligation to buy immediately. Thus, you will have the opportunity to make the right choice.

We accept visits only by appointment. To make an appointment, please complete and submit the form below so that our sales team can arrange a convenient time for you. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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