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How to Make Your Wheelchair Last Longer

The process of finding the right wheelchair for you can be a long one. So, once you have the perfect item, you want to keep it in top condition as long as possible.

Read on to find out some top tips on how to make your wheelchair last longer.

Protect the electrical components

With an electric wheelchair, one of the most important parts that you don’t want to go wrong is the electrical components that make the vehicle run. Most of the time, these parts are covered in order to protect them from any damage, including being exposed to liquids. To be on the safe side though, it is best to stay away from deep puddles wherever you can.

This is because, when the wheelchair comes into contact with liquids, there could be dangerous electrical faults as well as a risk of rusting, which will weaken any internal components. If your wheelchair has been in water, you will benefit from getting it checked over and fixed as soon as possible.

Carry out regular cleaning

To avoid damage like rust and components weakening, it is important to keep the vehicle clean. You can do this by going over it with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Regular cleaning around the tires and the edge of the chair in order to remove any debris will also be very useful for your product.

Keep the battery charged

It is best to keep your wheelchair battery fully charged, even if you’re not using it, as letting the battery drain until it’s completely empty can cause damage to the internal components. If you notice you’re running out of power faster than usual or the battery isn’t holding a full charge, then the battery should be replaced.

Conduct maintenance and repairs

To keep your wheelchair running efficiently as long as possible, you will need to keep on top of any regular maintenance and make sure to carry out any repairs that might be needed at the earliest possible opportunity. This will prevent the chair from degenerating any further and problems from worsening, which will ultimately cost you more to fix.

Where to get long lasting wheelchairs

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