According to our warranty agreement, all new products have a limited warranty. All batteries have a six-month warranty. Spare parts have a one-year warranty. The limited warranty does not include; labor or device failure due to the owner's misuse or negligence, non-durable components, and components subject to normal wear and tear that need replacement from time to time (for example
rubber materials, accessories, wheels or brakes, and plastic parts). All warranty claims require proof of purchase and the serial number.

This product, like all other similar brands and products, has a free "Basic Service". You bring the product to us for your spare part replacement and service needs within the scope of the warranty and you pick it up yourself after the service.

Alternatively, in case you need a part replacement and you are not able to bring it to us, we will ask you to send a picture or video of the situation to determine whether a replacement part is under warranty. After our technicians; examination, if it is under warranty, we send you the spare parts, so you can replace them yourself or have them done by a local repair shop.

If you want us to bring service to you, you can purchase one of our "Premium Service" offers. Thus, we come to you for your service needs and make repairs or part replacements at your address. If there is a situation that can only be repaired in the shop, we take the product from you, repair it at the shop and return it to you.

Basic Service: Free
One-Time Premium Service: 129 euro (Buy)
One year Premium Service: 229 euro (Buy)

*The locations where the service is offered are limited, are available for certain routes, and cover the mainland Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, and some parts of the western region of Germany.
*Although our company tries to respond positively to all requests, it reserves the right to limit the service due to the density.