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Which Electric Wheelchair is Right for Me? A Quick-Start Guide

Which Electric Wheelchair is Right for Me

Choosing the right electric wheelchair for your lifestyle and requirements is the ideal way to ensure you get the product you need. If you’re considering shopping for electric wheelchairs for sale UK, understanding which features are optional and which are essential for your day-to-day life is integral to making the right choice. When picking from fold-up wheelchairs, here are a few of the factors to consider in our quick-start guide:

Purpose and functionality

How will you use your lightweight folding wheelchair? Knowing the answer to this question is important, as it may impact which model or style of electric wheelchair is suitable for you. You may want something lightweight and practical to fit in the car, that you can take for longer journeys. Perhaps you need a functional wheelchair that can be used around the clock due to disability or interchanged with another wheelchair to cover a range of functionalities in and out of the home.

Day-to-day use

Using a lightweight motorized chair to access to the shops now and then is very different to heavy-duty wheelchair use for commuting, travel and more. Deciding what you want to do in your wheelchair, whether you’re buying a lightweight wheelchair for your next holiday or looking for something that has less of a footprint in your home, is invaluable to choosing a wheelchair that suits your lifestyle.

Personal comfort requirements

Comfort is key to spending any length of time in an electric wheelchair. For some people, depending on preference or disability, a headrest can be an essential addition to their electric chair. For others, good padding at the legs and knees is vital for preventing bruising or damage when moving over rough ground. Deciding what comfort factors are important to you can help you pick the right model – for example, our IQ-8000 model features a reclining backrest and two widths to enhance comfort.

Distance of travel

Do you need to travel long distances? Then you want a chair that can keep up with you. Your needs will be very different if you’re commuting to a close-by city than if you’d like an electric wheelchair to visit shops and businesses in your local community independently. Choosing fold-up wheelchairs with a longer-lasting battery for additional mileage may be well-suited if you need to go further afield, or you can save costs if you prefer to stay close to home.


Accessories can be invaluable to improving your power chair experience. For example, a wheelchair you use daily can benefit from quality-of-life features, such as a USB port, cupholder or wireless remote control. While an electric wheelchair used infrequently doesn’t need these features, a model for getting out and about daily can be more practical with a few added accessories.

Are you considering investing in a featherweight power wheelchair? Browse our selection online today at Comfy Go Mobility to find the ideal solution for your needs. We offer three different electric wheelchair models to suit your requirements and day-to-day needs. From our extremely lightweight X-6 model ideal for travel to our high-end IQ-9000 electric wheelchair designed for everyday comfort.

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